The Case for South Sudan:

Image credits: Copyright:© UNHCR/Isaac Kasamani

Prisenda seeks to support its partner Missions based in Uganda through the provision of:

  1. Training opportunities for untrained refugee teachers; many of whom have volunteered to serve as teachers’ assistants. Most have no training or skill to do the incredible job of educating refugee children; most of whom are traumatized.
  2. The literacy level of the nation of South Sudan is among the lowest in the world. With the current displacement of over 2 million South Sudanese in refugee camps and neighboring countries, as well as over 2 million others internally displaced much support is required. The challenge of this young nation requires massive literacy campaigns in the refugee camps, providing books and an assortment of literature to the refugee children and is of essence. 

Prisenda in partnership with His-Sickle International  Missions seeks to build book reading clubs within the refugee settlements, address literacy in kids and adults, build customized libraries for the various refugee settlement and schools. 

healthy, safe and prosperous nation will demand a deliberate effort to establish strong literacy structures within the refugee camps.