We value the bright future of every child. We understand the power of creativity when discovered and fully harnessed to add value to the society. Thus, we channel our efforts to reinforce the importance of reading and creative writing early, in the young boy and girl. We have set up some programs that will keep students involved and bring to bare such literary creativity.

  • The Writing Workshop: Creates a platform for students with diverse interest in literary works to undergo trainings and mentoring.  
  • The Poetry Slam and Writing Competition: Helps the student recognize his / her strength and further give expression to poetry and writing competition among students.
  • Your Art / Expression: Practical display of individual talent and ability in fine arts. This would foster visual art and illustrations that enhance texts.
  • The Literary Walk: Students go on various literary excursions and talks, to enrich their experience.


Mini libraries would be set up for nominated schools across Nigeria and Africa. Books of various authors that are relevant to students’ needs are donated. Interested schools are required to apply and a team from Prisenda will be sent to carry out an assessment before the arrival of books.

Eligibility Criteria for Schools:

  • Must be registered with the government.
  • Download and complete the application form from Prisenda website (prisenda.org) and submit to info@prisenda.org .
  • Should have a location / space for a library.


Donations of books are welcome from interested organizations willing to partner with the Prisenda Writers Residency Initiative. For enquiries, please contact us at:  info@prisenda.org .