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Prisenda Writers Residency Initiative

The Prisenda Writers Residency Initiative is a not-for profit organisation established to promote literacy. Our focus is Africa; with take-off from Nigeria. The vision of the initiative is ‘to inspire great thinkers that will affect our world for good.’ As our mission, we would ‘enable the space and opportunity for writers and thinkers to conceptualize and deploy their innate gifts which would affect their generations for good.’ While stressing creative writing and intellectual expression of thought, at the core of what we stand for, is the promotion of literacy. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) defines literacy as “the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. Literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to achieve their goals, to develop their knowledge and potential, and to participate fully in their community and wider society.” Literacy therefore, develops the mind and fashions it to think, explore and express productive potentials for life and living. Through literary engagements, partnerships and sponsorships, the PWRI will join the global cause in addressing this developmental need in Africa. To advance our vision, we have established a model space at the residency in Abuja to foster reading, writing and intellectual expression. We hope to expand and replicate same, as the initiative grows. Our warm and novel establishment is called a writer’s delight and a reader’s haven. The created ambience and layout aids our guests’ relaxation and excitement about the possibilities they can achieve, through time spent in quiet reflection and creative enterprise. It’s about time we come into our Full Expression! Welcome.
Esteemed regards,

Titi Horsfall

Founder, Prisenda Writers Residency


To inspire great thinkers that will affect our world for good.


To enable the space and opportunity for writers and thinkers to conceptualize and deploy their innate gift which will positively affect their generation.


1). To promote literacy.

2). To promote creative writing and intellectual expression of thought.

3). To provide an enabling environment for the expression of creativity.

4). To inspire thinkers and solution providers that would positively impact their generation.

Titi Horsfall is one of Nigeria’s most inspiring writers. Horsfall is the PRTimes Africa woman of the year 2017, African Achievers Awards Honoree - recipient of the 2016 African Literature Prize, and the prestigious Garden City Advancement Award 2015. Awarded with the Deep River Books (DRB) Merit Award, she was DRB guest author at the 2013 ICRS in St. Louis Missouri, USA and 2016 ICRS in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. Also in 2016, she was an international author at the London Book Fair. She co-edited the 2014 UNESCO World Book Capital project: 100 Years around Port Harcourt. Her books include, The Rivers Frontier; History of the Niger Delta (historical non-fiction) From an Orphan to a Queen; Esther (novel), Influence of a King (novel), Reflections (poetry), Fancy Loma (short story).

She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing, masters in banking and finance, and an MBA in oil & gas management from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

As a corporate leader, she is the Head; Diplomatic Corps, Permits & Licenses and Federal Parastatals of Nigeria LNG Limited.

She is married with children.